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From commencement speeches to convocations to after dinner events, Jeff has presented to audiences of all shapes and sizes. His customized approach to your engagement will make things easier for you and will ensure that your audience leaves feeling motivated and satisfied.

What To Expect From Jeff

1. When you hire Jeff, you can be assured you are gaining unprecedented access to one of the most forward thinking educators and insightful communicators today.

2. Jeff always customizes every presentation so that each speech will fit your audience perfectly. Many speakers first ask, “How much?” – Jeff instead asks questions of the audience, context, and situation. If applicable, Jeff will even ask to interview key people from your organization, making sure he captures a holistic image of your culture. This allows the presentation to provide listeners with authentic tasks and applicable solutions. Your goals become Jeff’s goals. Your customized presentation can be 100% content, 100% entertainment, or any combination of the two. With as much, or as little guidance as you feel is appropriate, Jeff will provide a great experience for any audience.
3. Jeff is not a mouse! You can expect passion, boldness, and excitement regarding change, culture, problem-finding / problem solving, communication, education, and so on. Jeff’s desire is to affect cultural change, paradigm shifts, and movement beyond innovative ideas to solid, workable solutions for your group. Jeff will challenge the way the audience thinks while providing solid, out of the box solutions.
4. Jeff will ignite your audience to action. They will love his humor, his energy, and his ideas. He has the ability to captivate, motivate, and inspire any audience, from staff to administrators to senior level management. To do this, Jeff has several different topics to choose from. Hire Jeff to give a rousing keynote address on how to roll with the punches of life, a breakout session on Assessment and Learning Styles, a full day workshop regarding communication for everyday life, or a seminar on storytelling. (See more topic options below.)
5. Working with Jeff is easy. He makes the administrative portion of working with him as simple as possible. Jeff handles his own travel arrangements and is more than happy to stay at the location of the conference or event if desired. Charging one set fee for speaking and one for consulting, the only other charges incurred are for T&E and materials (if applicable). See FAQ for more information.
Speaking Topics

The following list comes from engagements, events, and keynote presentations Jeff has already made. Approximate time frames are also listed - these are easily adjusted. If you have a new idea that seems to fit into Jeff's skill-set, please just ask! ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

Speaking Topics




The future of Education & Technology (1.5-2 Hours)

The "IC's" - Nonverbal Communication for Humans (2 Hours)

Vision Test: Shaping Your Future (1-2 Hours)

Creating and Measuring Outcomes (1 Hour)

Storytelling 101 (1-2 Hours)

How Do You Measure Success? (1 Hour)

Authentic Assessment for Today's Learning Styles (1-2 Hours)

Perception, Paradigms, and Persperation: Presentation Preparation (1-2 Hours)

Facing Change and Changing Faces (1-2 Hours)


Creativity In The Classroom (1-2 Hours)

Death By Infomercial: Persuasion Today (1-2 Hours)

KWYK Success for Organization, Process, and Team Satisfaction (1-1.5 Hours)

Personalization: How Far Can (Should) We Go? (1-2 Hours)

Generational Communication: Can't We All Just Get Along? (1-2 Hours)

In God We Trust...All Others Bring Data: How To Use Meaningful Data For Educational Reform (1-2 Hours)

Do You Want To Play A Game? Serious Games for Education (1-1.5 Hours)

Public Speaking For Smarties (No Dummies Here!) (1-2 Hours)

Real Life: Cliff Notes For Graduate Study (1-2 Hours)

*Note: Many of these subjects are also interactive workshops & consulting seminars. Which type of experience depends on time and goals of the event.