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Common questions planners ask most frequently along with the answers:

Q: How Much Do You Charge?
A: Let's get this out of the way now. A LOT of speakers will ask you to contact them for a price and try to "sell" you their services before you hear how much. I don't work that way. In this day and age of "open source" I don't want to waste your time. My price is mid-level for professional speakers. I'm well beyond the $500 event, but I'm nowhere near my colleagues who only speak four times per year and charge $15-30K! (I'm also not a President or celebrity who can get away with $100K per visit...ahhh to be famous!) I've been told my prices are very reasonable and even had one booking say I was the "Cadillac of presenters at a Toyota price!" I like that.
Oh, and one other thing. If you are a current or prospective partner / client for the LMS provider I work for, you'll need to contact your Account Executive. I'm not in competition with my day job here. While that job affords me a great deal of information about the industry, I'm not going to take away business from my company for my own gains...sorry, it's just not ethical for me! Anyway, enough is what I charge:
  • Up To 3 Hours: $3500 (one keynote address, two presentations, slice it any way you'd like)
  • From 3 To 8 Hours: $5500 (Most consults, workshops, seminars, etc.)
  • Two Days: $9500 (Multiple options available)
  • International Travel - due to the being out of the office (country) for at least 3 days, the cost of an International speaking engagement is $15,000 for 3 days + $5,000 each additional day.
  • Client pays all Travel & Expenses
  • Client pays any costs for materials

Q: How far in advance do I need to contact you?
A: Typically, my schedule fills up 2-3 months in advance. For big events, it can be 6-12 months out. So, I would recommend contacting me ASAP for your event. I'll check my calendar and get back to you as fast as possible to tentatively setup a date.

Q: What if I want consulting AND a keynote address?
A: If it all fits into an 8 hour day, see pricing above. If we're talking about a longer day or varied, multiple day schedule, we'll need to come up with something together. Please contact me to set up an appointment!

Q: What is the difference between speaking and consulting?
A: Basically, the difference is in interactivity. A speaking presentation is generally done in a "lecture" format whereas consulting can take the form of a workshop, coaching, or a consultation experience. These formats are much more interactive with the audience / participants performing a great deal more than in a speaking situation.

Q: Are you currently taking teaching jobs?
A: In addition to my University teaching experience, for the past sevearl years I have taught various communication, education, and computer classes for Southeastern Community College, Northwest Community College, and I currently teach for Chaminade University. I LOVE teaching and hope there is never a time when I am not teaching at least one class somewhere! (It keeps me grounded) As such, I will always listen to the opportunity to teach for a school, both on-ground and online. Unfortunately my schedule is only so available, but I will always seriously consider any offer.

Q: Do you perform course audits (reviews) for instructors?
A: If you would like a course review for an online course, please go to the eTeaching Institute for more information. If you are looking for a consultation regarding your on-ground class(es), please contact me for further discussion.