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From conference sessions to half day workshops to all day seminars, consults and conferences are where Jeff cut his teeth.  In the past five years, Jeff has presented over two hundred trainings, workshops, 1X1 coaching, and small group sessions.   See an example of Jeff's work here:


In addition to industry specific terminology, there are a lot of BUZZ words thrown around by consultants and presenters today.  Hopefully, these short descriptions will clarify the details for you.
CONFERENCE SESSIONS:  Typically a conference presentation is measured in minutes as the average conference session lasts about 50 minutes.  Occasionally blocks of time can be allocated to one speaker, thereby creating a need for longer sessions.  Conference audiences range from 15-75 and the presentation is typically more "show and tell" than interactive. 
WORKSHOP:  Highly interactive presentation with as much performing done by the participants as the presenter.  Aided by rich media, handouts, and self-assessment tools, workshops are outcomes driven, with defined goals in place prior to starting.  Typically an audience of no more than 20 people make up a workshop environment, although large group workshops can utilize "puzzling" techniques to accomplish many of the outcomes without quite as much personal instruction.
COACHING: Single or small group instruction of theory and application.  Modeling is used as much as explanation and interactivity is very high in a coaching situation.  A great deal of time is spent by participants in action as their knowledge and skills are interpreted, evaluated, and critiqued by the coach. 
CONSULTING: This is typically done for one to ten, high level or skill-specific people within an organization.  Often using an instrument (think of a Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory) or rubric, consulting looks for specific areas of concern, flawed processes, or extreme variances and attempts to find solutions that are condusive with the culture and goals of an organization.  Consulting often takes significant amounts of time due to research, group sessions, assessment organization, and findings presentation.
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Speaking Topics


Conferences & Consulting Topics

Conference Sessions


Consulting / Coaching

The future of Education & Technology (45-120 Minutes)

The "IC's" - Nonverbal Communication for Humans (1/2 or Full Day)

Know What You Know (KWYK) Consulting: Success for Organization, Process, and Team Satisfaction

(Multiple Day)



 Creating and Measuring Outcomes (60-120 Minutes)

  Storytelling 101 (1/2 Day)

Presentation Coaching (Session Based)

Authentic Assessment for Today's Learning Styles (45-60 Minutes)

The Full Monty: Total Communication (1-2 Days)  

Disc Golf Coaching (Session Based)


Creative Uses For Technology In The Classroom (60-120 Minutes)

 Death By Infomercial: Persuasion Today (1/2 Day)

Creating Vision, Redesigning Paradigms, & Understanding Change Workshop (1/2 or Full Day)


 Serious Games Simulation - Let's Play! (60-180 Minutes)

Courtroom Communication Simulation: Judge For Yourself (1-2 Day)

Comedy Improvisation (Games) Workshop (1/2 or Full Day)

Transformational Learning (60-120 Minutes) 

Teaching Online: How Is That Possible? (1/2 or Full Day) 

Reader's Theater / Acting Basics (For Children or Adults)  (1/2 or Full Day)
*Note: Many of these subjects are also speeches or presentations.  Which type of experience depends on time and goals of the event.
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